GOP hard-liners resist spreading the costs of healthcare to the healthy – Los Angeles Times

I’ve been lucky. I was born a healthy baby. Other than childhood rounds of measles and chicken pox and annoying yearly bouts with springtime pollen, I’ve enjoyed a disease-free life. So far, no hereditary predispositions toward any awful affliction have shown up.

Other than a weakness for doughnuts and cheeseburgers, I eat pretty well and haven’t gotten fat. I exercise sporadically, but stay in reasonably good shape. Occasionally I drink enough to regret it in the morning, but I’ve never smoked or abused drugs. I’ve broken ribs three times — once after falling on an icy ski slope, once in a motorcycle mishap in Vietnam and once when a horse decided to buck me off onto a pile of rocks. I guess you could say those injuries were my fault for not staying at home watching TV in a recliner, but I generally make choices that avoid foolish risks.

Health insurers love me. I only rarely make a claim. They take far more money from me than they return in coverage. As a result, I guess I should be a fan of the House Republican healthcare plan because it is supposed to help people like me.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks explained this to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday as he made the case for a revised version of the Republican scheme to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. Fortunate people who live healthy, responsible lives should not have to subsidize care for people who are not so fortunate or responsible, Brooks said.


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