Jonathan Bush, CEO of athenahealth, sat down with Business Insider global editor in chief Henry Blodget to discuss our nation’s current healthcare system. Following is a transcript of the video. 

Blodget: Where does healthcare reform go from here?

Bush: Inside of Medicare Advantage, there are a few, some of them private equity backed and venture backed, entities that are saying, “Listen. Give me the full cost of that senior, I’m going to sign up that senior and I’m going to follow that senior every day, and I’m going to make them use the hospital a lot less.” Those medicare advantage, fully delegated provider groups are really dramatically better outcomes, lower costs, and higher consumer engagement, higher scores from consumers about their experience. That’s an area that I’m very excited about and I think that if those groups take charge and grow up and become real players in the market, you’re going to see a much different cost and a much different allocation of that cost to things that actually matter to people more.