Here’s how a bogus claim on Medicaid made it onto CBS, with no pushback – Los Angeles Times

During the CBS program “Face the Nation” on Sunday, moderator John Dickerson mentioned that among the Republicans who were critical of the Senate GOP’s Obamacare repeal bill was Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a former congressman. Kasich was especially critical of the bill’s drastic cutback in Medicaid spending.

In response, conservative commentator Ben Domenech took a shot at Kasich. “When Gov. Kasich, you know, pushed for the Medicaid expansion in Ohio,” Domenech said, “he ended up having to throw 34,000 disabled people off of the program because it incentivized adding these working, able-bodied adults over people who actually were in the system who had disabilities or had other dependence.”

That sounded fishy. Throwing 34,000 disabled people off Medicaid would be hard to do without creating a major fuss, yet we’d never heard anything about it.

As it turns out, Ohio disability advocates say they didn’t see this effect. Ohio Medicaid officials say it didn’t happen. In fact, in 2016, when this carnage supposedly occurred, Ohio liberalized standards for Medicaid enrollment of the disabled. There seems to be no solid documentation for Domenech’s claim, especially if one takes his implication to be that 34,000 disabled Ohioans suddenly found themselves without benefits. Domenech didn’t provide me with any, but referred me to a paper by a right-wing group, which also provided no documentation. At best, Domenech’s claim was highly misleading.


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