Hospitals Say Republican Plan Would Limit Care For Poor – Hartford Courant

Medicaid cuts under the Republican health care plan approved by the House would limit care for the poor, raise rates for insurers and push hospitals to reduce care, Connecticut hospital administrators said Friday.

The cuts, if implemented, “would limit access to needed care for the poor in our communities,” said Michael Daglio, president of Norwalk Hospital and chief strategy officer for the Western Connecticut Health Network.

“Coupled with the fact that Connecticut’s Medicaid reimbursement is among the lowest in the nation, we have to wonder how health care providers will be able to afford care to Medicaid patients in the future,” Daglio said.

In a wealthy state with a low Medicaid reimbursement rate, where legislators count on hospitals to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in state taxes a year and are considering allowing cities and towns to tax hospital property, additional cuts to Medicaid funding for low-income patients could lead to painful cutbacks or increased costs for services at Connecticut hospitals


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