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If you ask any entrepreneur what keeps them awake at night, one of the responses is sure to be health coverage for their employees. For large or small companies, the rising cost and complexity of insurance is their biggest nightmare. After payroll, healthcare is often the next highest cost, sometimes even equaling or exceeding the cost of their space.


I can recall a year my company of 140 employees had over 1,500 office visits, and we were looking for a way to cut that down drastically. Our focus became to offer a telemedicine product with the idea it would increase employee wellness by encouraging prevention and earlier treatment of symptoms, decrease office visits/claims on our insurance, and minimize time away from the office for healthcare visits.

Through reviewing health benefits, I’ve recently become familiar with and enrolled in a telemedicine service for individuals, families and employer groups called MDLIVE prime. In short, it is a digital health and wellness suite that provides members with access to qualified medical providers 24/7/365. Because there is no per-call charge for the physician consultations, both members and employers recognize the potential value and actually use it.

Yes, the fact that our worker base comprises a number of parents and young families has potentially influenced that sum. But even for someone like myself, a “Boomer” entrepreneur whose children are grown, this add-on to our health plan will increase access to qualified care when needed while reducing the time and cost requirements of traditional visits.

For our company, we believe this program will significantly reduce office visits, which should also result in a lower health insurance rate hike for the year. For other entrepreneurs, I see programs like this producing the following benefits:

1.Ease of use. MDLIVE prime supports over 30 languages, and can be used 24/7/365, anywhere in the United States and its territories. They treat a variety of symptoms and diagnoses, and can help with most day-to-day situations, including colds, flus, allergies, earaches, pink eye, urinary tract infections and more.

Callers are connected directly with board-certified physicians (typically emergency medicine or family practice), who are licensed to practice in the state where you are located – and with an average time in practice of greater than 10 years. This ensures that if a prescription is determined to be appropriate for treatment, it can be automatically ordered as a direct result. (However, the physicians cannot prescribe controlled substances nor behavioral health medications through a virtual visit. These limitations will continue to go away as new ideas and technology continue to grow.)


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