The entire healthcare industry is panicking that Trump is about to blow up Obamacare – Los Angeles Times

Organizations representing most of the healthcare industry — along with attorneys general from 15 states and the District of Columbia — took desperate steps Friday in a last-ditch attempt to keep President Trump from blowing up the Affordable Care Act.

Action being contemplated by Trump could lead to millions of Americans suddenly moving “to the ranks of the uninsured,” a coalition of healthcare groups wrote in a letter to Senate Republican and Democratic leaders. “This threatens not just their own health and financial stability, but also the economic stability of their communities.”

Monday is a crucial deadline. On that day, the Trump administration has to tell a federal appeals court whether it will continue to defend the ACA against a legal attack by the House of Representatives. Alternatively, the White House could seek a 90-day stay on the proceedings. The attorneys general are asking the court to allow them to take over the defense from the White House.

The industry leaders and states are reacting to signs that Trump is a thin reed to rely on to preserve health coverage for millions. “The President has increasingly made clear that he views decisions about providing access to health insurance…as little more than political bargaining chips,” the states say in the motion to the appeals court.


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