The GOP’s big lie: Healthcare bill ‘protects people with preexisting conditions’ – Los Angeles Times

Last-minute wrangling over the Republican healthcare bill, approved by the House on Thursday, centered largely on what’s known as the MacArthur Amendment. House Speaker Paul Ryan said it “strengthens” the legislation and “protects people with preexisting conditions.”

It strengthens the bill only from the perspective of maintaining support from far-right lawmakers who have sworn blood oaths to undo the healthcare-reform legacy of former President Obama.

And it protects people with preexisting conditions much as starving people may be welcome at a restaurant, but only if they order the most expensive dishes on the menu.

“The MacArthur Amendment is a Band-Aid on a very bad plan, and it likely won’t staunch the bleeding,” said Dana Goldman, director of the USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics.


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