When it comes to healthcare, Republicans need to take a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm – Los Angeles Times

When I became a doctor, I went to work in an emergency room that admitted and treated the kind of hard-working, low-income farmworker families I grew up with. For many of them, the ER was their first and last resort after avoiding the doctor for years because they had no health insurance.

We didn’t check a patient’s political affiliation before treating them. I didn’t check the party affiliation of the other doctors and nurses, either, and they didn’t ask me for mine. Rather, we worked together as a team, following through on the Hippocratic Oath we had taken to treat patients to the best of our ability and, above all, to “do no harm.”

I treated patients before the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and I treated patients after, just as the legislation was beginning to take effect. I noticed firsthand that many patients stopped fearing the cost of their ER visit as more were covered by health insurance. When they pulled out their insurance cards, I could tell they felt peace of mind.

If only politicians were required to take an oath to do no harm. Since gaining a majority in Congress, most Republicans have been actively working to bleed the ACA dry so that it will fail, thereby fulfilling their own prophecy. They voted repeatedly to repeal the law and sued to stop it in court.


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