Why can’t Medicare join the insurance business? – New York Post

Dear John: You finished a recent column by asking for some letters on health care. So I will share some insight.

My expertise in this area is simple. I was self-employed and provided insurance for my wife and myself from 1982 through 2012.

I started at $900 per year [in premiums] and ended at $23,000, before we stumbled into Medicare like punch-drunk fighters.

I believe this was the reason for the Affordable Care Act, which the Republicans have the nerve to blame for rising rates. The problem is simple: Approximately $3.4 trillion goes to health care, and the insurance companies take half for their overhead and net profit.

Here is a solution : Let Medicare get into the insurance business.

If United Health wants $20 million for a company’s health care, Medicare could do it for $12 million and still make money.

Anybody who maligns Medicare is just plain stupid. A.S.

Dear A.S.: OK, I see where you are going.

As I’ve said in many columns, I think universal care should be offered to everyone through Medicare, but not the way you are suggesting.

People without insurance should be allowed to purchase coverage through Medicare. The prices and levels of coverage would have to be worked out.

There would be better buying power if coverage is offered through Medicare.

Medicaid, which is offered through the states, would be unnecessary because everyone would be covered by the federal Medicare program.

Dear John: In response to your article about landlines, for those of us who live in rural America, landlines are still very important. Our cell phones are not reliable. Generalizing trends without true demographic data is fake news! K.J.

Dear K.J.: I’d like to address your improper use of the term “fake news.”

If I have an opinion, which I did, that landline telephones are becoming useless, that’s just what it is — my opinion.

In fact, no opinion can be fake news, because no opinion — while you might not agree with it — can be inaccurate.

So, everybody, let’s cut down on this “fake news” nonsense. I know President Trump likes to throw that phrase around. But when someone uses it improperly, they sound very uninformed.


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