Why Hospitals Are In Pursuit Of The Ideal Amazon Alexa App – Forbes

Consumers now enjoy using Alexa, the super-cool voice technology in the nifty Amazon Echo device that helps make life around the home easier. In its short time on the market, it has become almost indispensable according to some tech aficionados.

But now, hospitals and C-suite executives realize that such voice recognition technology may also be lifesaving in ICUs, on regular medical floors and even in the operating room.

An Amazon Echo device at CES 2017 (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

The potential to deliver important medical information to seniors living at home and older patients recently discharged from the hospital to reduce costly readmissions, along with a means to complete vital preoperative check lists, are just some of the uses for such voice recognition technology.

A recent CNBC article highlighted some of these potentially useful scenarios in which hospitals are now looking to capture the benefits of such time-saving and convenient technology to not only streamline safety, but also make life easier for healthcare providers in hospital and office settings that are immersed in completing transcription and documentation on a daily basis.

Hospitals and healthcare providers already acknowledge the heavy emotional toll of completing electronic health records–which are not just time-consuming but also one of the factors leading to burnout. Having an app such as Alexa could literally be lifesaving for those on the verge of leaving healthcare, as electronic medical records are now an indispensable element in most practice settings.

One significant drawback at this time, however, is that the technology harnessed by Alexa for transcription and documentation is not yet HIPAA-compliant, and thus not considered protected health information (PHI) at this time.

But this is poised to change in the near future as app developers hope to make Alexa and other innovative apps commonplace in hospitals and doctor offices.


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