3 new nutrition labels could help you buy better packaged foods – Chicago Tribune

Food shopping can be a daunting experience. With roughly 20,000 new products introduced each year, decoding the nutrition facts and label claims on even a small fraction of them could keep you in the grocery aisle all day.

The reality is that no matter how deeply we care about the healthfulness of the foods we buy and how they are produced, analyzing each option is just not feasible in a world where most of us are living a perpetual game of beat-the-clock. That’s where front-of-the-package emblems come in – nongovernment, third-party-authorized stamps that tell us at a glance that a product meets a specific set of standards.

These logos, such as the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark on packaged foods and the Certified Humane seal on eggs, meat and dairy, are designed not only to help consumers navigate the store more easily but also to incentivize companies to produce goods that meet the desired criteria. Keep your eyes peeled, because three new food emblems have launched recently that could not only help you make better choices and get out of the store faster but also help improve the foods that make it to grocery shelves.



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