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Cafeteria menus and nutritional information will be served in a new style beginning with the school year Aug. 14.

Franklin County Public Schools has contracted with ISITE Software, LLC to provide students, parents and other interested citizens with electronic lunch menus that give detailed nutritional information about each item of food served each day.

“It’s very interactive,” said Heather Snead, coordinator of food and nutrition for Franklin County Public Schools. “A parent could go onto the website and look up what the nutritional facts are of this item or the nutritional facts of that item.”

In the past, Snead would get calls from nurses and parents wondering the nutritional values of different foods served in the school cafeterias. Her response time to such inquires usually depended on whether she was at her desk or not at the time they called. With the new online menu, the information is public and accessible at all times, making it possible for interested users to get what they need when they need it.

For example, on the first day of school, Franklin County elementary schools will be serving an entree choice of either pepperoni pizza or turkey and cheese wrap. One slice of pizza holds 299 calories, 4.98 grams of saturated fat and 439 milligrams of sodium. In contrast, the wrap is 251 calories, 4.54 grams of saturated fat and 863 milligrams of sodium. Consulting this information and other dietary values such as total fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals, a parent could select the healthier food option for her child.

There also is the option to review foods based on a one-to-five star rating system.

To access the information, internet users visit, hover their cursors over the “Departments” dropdown menu, select “Food Services,” and then click on the “Menus” icon. To learn about the nutritional facts of any food item listed, simply drag your cursor over the item and an info box will appear.

Electronic menus are also available for mobile phones through the download of the “Web Menus” app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

The month of August’s menus for Franklin County elementary schools and high school have been posted. As of Thursday morning, the middle school lunch menu was not yet available online.


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