Noakes calls traditional food pyramid ‘genocide’ – Times LIVE

The British Nutritional Foundation has pointed out that people don’t follow guidelines when eating and buying food. Responding to a book written by Noakes’ friend‚ British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra‚ that blames nutritional guidelines for unhealthy people‚ the Foundation said: “The issue is not that healthy eating dietary guidelines are wrong‚ but that people are not following them.”

McAlpine pointed out that many societies in which many people live a very long time eat carbohydrates – such as the Japanese‚ for whom rice is a staple. “Humans are living longer than ever‚” he said. “There is simply no evidence of a ‘genocide’.”

Some Twitter users agreed with Noakes‚ however‚ saying the food pyramid was “deadly”.

Barry Pearson‏ tweeted: “That diagram is a weapon of mass destruction. If you want to destroy a nation’s health‚ persuade them to adopt this guidelines.”

Noakes has also said recently that one must eat meat to save the environment‚ despite the scientific consensus that meat farming uses a great deal of water and causes deforestation.

Critical thinker and UCT philosophy lecturer Jacques Rousseau wrote that “even if one believes it is ethical to eat meat‚ thinking that cattle farming can ‘save the environment’ is – at the very least – a gross simplification‚ deployed in the service of a pre-established conclusion. That’s called motivated reasoning‚ and is something we strive to avoid when trying to discover the truth.”

When approached for a response‚ Noakes defended the use of the word “genocide”‚ and said the majority of the people who were interested in his nutritional views thought it was an appropriate statement.

He said there was a book which used the same terminology.

“I invite you to visit any hospital serving a poorer community‚ and see for yourself what is the health of the people who are eating high-sugar‚ high-carbohydrate diets low in (animal) fat and protein – the overall theme of the 1977 US Dietary Guidelines.”

He said instead of focusing on the use of the word genocide‚ the focus should be on human health‚ which he asserted had been very severely impacted over the past 40 years by the adoption of dietary guidelines that were never tested to see what the outcome would be.

Noakes claimed that life expectancy in the US was static‚ and was falling in certain groups.

“It was the US who gave us these guidelines. The Japanese are living longer as they have adopted a diet higher in fat and protein‚ and their blood cholesterol levels are rising‚” he asserted.

He alleged that the evidence was clear that populations following the dietary guidelines were getting sicker.


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