Putting faith in improved nutrition labels still misguided | Opinion – Sun Sentinel

On June 13, the FDA indefinitely delayed several sugar and calorie labeling requirements made famous by Michelle Obama during the previous administration. In response, labelling advocates have accused the Trump administration of, as the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s Jim O’Hara put it, “denying consumers critical information they need to make decisions.”

Yet in fact, while many Americans need to cut back on sugar and calories, these food label changes will not help consumers one bit.

Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler once held a news conference to announce 21 proposed labeling regulations over the following year, and one concerned reporter asked, “What are we supposed to do before that?” To his credit, Dr. Kessler suggested they eat more fruits and vegetables.

Regardless, the International Food Information Council Foundation discovered in a 2012 survey that half of us think “it’s harder to figure out what you should be eating than it is to figure out how to do your own taxes.”


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