WFP Ukraine Country Brief, August 2017 [EN/RU] – Reliefweb


  • From January to August 2017, WFP assisted 144,500 beneficiaries including 17,000 through cash-based transfers (CBT), and 127,500 through in-kind food assistance.

  • Humanitarian access to NGCA remains challenging, WFP continues to operate through local and international partners addressing the needs of those severely food insecure. In Luhansk NGCA, activities will be terminated in mid-September due to imposed limitations by de-facto authorities to conduct monitoring of food assistance as per WFP requirements.

  • WFP support to people living with HIV is ongoing in GCA aiming to increase their adherence to antiretroviral therapy, contribute to prevention, and decrease rate of dropouts from treatment.

Operational Updates

  • WFP through its cooperating partners continue the implementation of early recovery activities, through food for assets (FFA) and food for trainings (FFT) modalities in Donetsk and Luhansk GCA under the current PRRO. The series of “light” trainings on nutrition are mostly completed, “intensive” skill based training are in progress.

  • WFP in cooperation with FAO continues to provide support to smallholder farmers near the contact line. Assistance has been organized via FFT using e-vouchers modality.

  • In response to increased food needs, subject to availability of funds, WFP plans to scale up food assistance activities in Donetsk NGCA during autumn and winter period. Some 180,000 food parcels (equivalent to about 2,182 tons of food commodities) are planned to be delivered to Donetsk oblast NGCA to reach 50,000 of the most food insecure people not assisted by other programs or food actors over September-December.

  • WFP is conducting a study on Social Protection and Safety Nets in Ukraine. It aims to give a comprehensive overview of current social protection system and safety nets in Ukraine, with particular focus on food and nutrition security in general and for some vulnerable groups of people in conflict affected Donbas region. This study will contribute to the development of WFP social protection strategy in Ukraine. The paper will also make recommendations for policy guidance to strengthen social protection and safety nets mechanisms in order to contribute to achieving food security and nutrition outcomes in the country.


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