Liquid L-Carnitine 5000MG & Vitamin B5 - Maximum Endurance - 16 oz Orange Flavor by Earth's Creation

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  • 100% Natural*
  • Improves body and cell functions*
  • Boosts Energy*
  • Burns Fat*

Product Description

When you're looking to lose weight, get rid of excess body fat, increase your metabolism and boost your overall energy levels, Earth's Creation's liquid Carnitine is an ideal supplement to help. It's a naturally occurring compound and works within your body's cells to burn up fat, protect your vital organs, improve body and cell functions and get you the energy you need to get up and go. L-Carnitine - Fuel for the Heart: Carnitine Plays a fundamental role in energy production, and is used to support all bodily functions that require high levels of energy. Approximately 95% of the body's L-Carnitine is located in the skeletal, cardiac muscles and is an important nutrient for the heart. L-Carnitine helps break down the body's fat to make more Adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) available. ATP helps transport chemical energy within cells for metabolism. This makes L-Carnitine responsible for transporting long chains of fatty acids into the mitochondria within the cells, to be burned and used for energy production. L-Carnitine is produced by the body in the liver, kidneys and stored in the skeletal muscles, heart, brain and sperm. L-Carnitine helps the body over all to reduce oxidative stress. L-Carnitine Benefits: The benefits of L-Carnitine supplementation can help prevent the following deficiency's: fatty build-ups in the heart, liver and also a helping contributor in relation to those who are regular consumers of alcoholic beverages. Besides making L-Carnitine an excellent addition to a weight loss program, L-Carnitine has been an important supplement contribution to the body's major organ functions, increasing energy, burning fat, and supporting the heart and liver health! L-Carnitine helps slow the effects of aging, helps prevent cataracts, improve mental performance, Enhance cellular energy in the brain and decreases symptoms of depression.

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