Premium Thyroid Support Supplements w/ L-Tyrosine, Iodine (From Kelp), Green Tea Leaf Extract, Guggulipid, Bacopa monniera , Selenium And Vitamin A, B6, C & D - 100% Natural Herbal Formula For Complete Thyroid Gland Functional Support - Promote Thyroid Ho

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  • 15 nutrients and herbal comprehensive support formula to restore and support normal, healthy thyroid functions, boost metabolism and manage stress response.
  • 500mg of L-Tyrosine and 300mcg of iodine (natural source from kelp) which are essential component of thyroid hormones production.
  • 150mg of Gugulipid® resin extract and 100mg of Bacopin® leaf extract, most researched patented ingredients from Sabinsa Corporation. Studies shown both ingredients to support support the production of thyroid hormones as well as other health benefits.
  • 100mg of Ashwagandha root extract, most researched ingredient from Sabinsa Corporation, shown to promote healthy thyroid and adrenal gland functions and helping the body better respond to stress.
  • Made in USA under strict cGMP. 100% natural and potency guaranteed. Uses the highest, purest quality and most potent ingredients such as trademarked and patented ingredients. Gluten free, no preservative, no additive, no flavour, no filler, no artificial.

Product Description

Are You Suffering From Thyroid Fatigue?

Introducing Thyroid Support - The Complete Solution!

A comprehensive formula which support normal, healthy thyroid functions and stress response
Here's what it's made of:
* L-Tyrosine - essential component to produce thyroid hormones (effect mood, energy level and stress response)
* Gugulipid® resin extract - patented ingredient, active compound that support iodine uptake and essential for thyroid hormones production
* Bacopin® leaf extract - patented ingredient, support thyroid hormones production and address cognitive function typically affected by sub-optimal thyroid function
* Ashwagandha Root extract - studies shown to promote healthy thyroid gland function and helping the body better respond to stress
* Green Tea leaf extract - studies demonstrate the ability of EGCG found in green tea to increase the amount of calories used by the body
* Vitamin B6 and C - cofactors required for the body's natural production and metabolism of tyrosine
* Vitamin A, D and Zinc - important for thyroid hormone receptor function
* Selenium - essential cofactor for the deiodinase enzymes responsible for thyroid hormone activation

What Does It Has To Do With You?

* Restore and support your normal, healthy thyroid gland functions
* Raise your metabolic rate to increase the rate of oxygen consumption
* Works great if you suffer from low function thyroid gland
* Works great if you suffer from low metabolism and energy level
* Works great if you can't lose weight after trying every possible thing you can

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